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KGM Gaming LLC, Part-time translator

2008.05.07 01:36

심지웅 조회 수:8367

KGM Gaming LLC is a Philadelphia-based company supplying various
gaming and nongaming products to casinos in the US and Canada,
including Pennsylvania, Atlantic City, NJ, and various Native American
properties.  KGM is seeking an individual fluent in both English and
Korean to facilitate communications between the company and a Korean
gaming developer on a deal for the sale of the Korean company's video
slot machines in North America.

Job title:  Part-time translator
Length of Employment:  June 2008 and onwards
Hours:  No fixed hours; on average around 2-3 hours per week as needed
Description:  Translation of e-mail and phone communications from
English to Korean and vice versa; Translation of documents, including
contractual documents, from English to Korean and vice versa.
Employee can work from home, and the work will likely not interfere
with studies or other jobs.  Employee must be fluent in both English
and Korean.
Compensation:  Hourly rate, to be discussed.
Contact:  Please e-mail Hyoshin Kim at shinkim80@gmail.com

As the hours are not demanding, this will be a good way for students
to make some money without sacrificing their studies.  In particular,
it's a good opportunity for students interested in the casino business
or the gaming industry in general.  The people at KGM are very
friendly and informal, and will be eager to answer any questions the
student may have.
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