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Department of Emerging Materials Science, Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST)

After a successful development of KAIST as a scientific research university, Korean government has established two more institutes of science and technology, forming a series of ‘IST’ comprised of KAIST, GIST, and DGIST.  DGIST is the newest of the series located in the southeast part of Korea, Daegu, with strong focus on the research and education in five strategic fields of study; Materials science, Information & communication engineering, Robot engineering, Energy system engineering, and Brain science. 

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The department of emerging materials science is a key unit in DGIST to carry the thrust in materials science research. Currently, there are 7 full time faculty members consisting of physicists and chemists in the department, but its size is rapidly growing with active recruitment of bright researchers in the field of materials science. In particular, quantum material and nanobiomaterial research are two major focus areas of the department. By 2020, EMS aims to recruit more than 20 professors in those research areas.

Graduate program in EMS opens in the spring semester of 2013, and will accept applications during October. All applicants interested in the research on quantum materials and nanobiomaterials are encouraged to apply. Excellent support and benefit package will be provided to all graduate students. Applications are accepted during October on the web (www.dgist.ac.kr).

Tuition and fees

Waived for all graduate students


Ph.D. program:     12000000 won/year

MS program:           7200000 won/year


On-campus housing is provided

모든 한국국적 박사과정 남학생은 모두 전문연구요원편입으로 군의무를 대신할 있음


Contact information:

Home page: http://ems.dgist.ac.kr , email: ems@dgist.ac.kr , Phone: +82.53-785-6501