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테슬라 Global Supply Chain Team에서 여름 인턴을 구합니다.

Major: Masters in Engineering- EE, ME, MSE, IE

  • Engineering/manufacturing background,
  • Strong analytical skills,
  • Self-starter,
  • Experience with financial modeling/should cost analysis,
  • Programming experience would be a plus.


밑에는 job description and responsibility첨부합니다.



The Role

The Global Supply Manager- Electrical Components will assist the Purchasing Manager with strategic sourcing, Engineering interfaces, issuing and evaluating RFQs, commercial issues and negotiations, cost reduction opportunities and overall supplier management.


·         Support Engineering to identify suppliers available for sourcing.

·         Issue RFQs to multiple suppliers for multiple commodities.

·         Review, analyze and clarify quote packages from suppliers.

·         Support/Lead a strategic sourcing approval process.

·         Issue PO’s for Prototype Parts and Prototype/Production Tooling.

·         Negotiate, evaluate and issue PO’s for program Engineering, Development and Test (ED&T).

·         Identify and negotiate commercial cost reduction opportunities.

·         Negotiate cost changes related to product design changes.

·         Issue new PO’s for any commodity price changes or other changes on business terms.

·         Work with Suppliers, Engineering and Material Planning to release parts into production.

·         Work with SQA to identify “qualified” suppliers and drive continuous quality improvement.

·         Develop parts sourcing strategies and sourcing efficiencies.

·         Work on “Lean” initiatives and identify other sourcing efficiencies via benchmarking, VA/VE, competitive quotes and resourcing.

·         Maintain day-to-day supplier relationships; point of contact for all supplier commercial issues.

·         Respond to supply shortages that are outside Material Planning’s control.

·         Around 20% domestic & international travel expected


·              Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical or Material Engineering or Supply Chain and/or equivalent experience or evidence of exceptional ability.

·         Open-minded self-starter with the ability to adapt, improvise and problem solve.

·         Strong Excel background.

·         Automotive or High voltage electronics background preferred.

·         Manufacturing experience in area of placement preferred.

·         Experience with ERP or MRP purchasing systems.

·         Experience working with Asian supply base is preferable

·         Ability to work independently on multiple tasks and projects, with various teams including engineers and supply chain personnel.

·         Good negotiation, written and verbal skills.

·         Organizational skills to manage and track transactional details.

·         Team player and with strong interpersonal skills.

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